Somalia has a long coast over 3300 km, giving it vast fishing resources. Somali waters are home to some of the wealthiest fishing grounds in the world, with potential development for fisheries and coastal areas. The nature of the coastline consisting of a series of sand beaches broken at intervals by rocky outcrops and cliffs that often extend into shallow waters.

The fishing industry could be a significant contributor to Somalia’s GDP, as it supports the national food security.

Ecologically, coastal fishes occupy the bottom and middle of the food chain in Somalia. Fishes like the small, silvery anchovies, sardines, and herrings are food fishes for other larger fishes. In the middle of the food chain, emperors, goatfishes, groupers, grunts, lizardfishes, and snappers, are both predators and commercially viable animals off the Somalia coast.

Somalia’s water has the potential to support some of the most productive fisheries in the world.