Sector Attachments

Somali livestock are adapted to a nomadic way of life, limited feed resources and intermittent water supply. They are of a broad range of species but there are few breeds. Because  Somali people live in several countries other than geographical Somalia, some of their traditional livestock breeds are also found in Djibouti, Ethiopia and Kenya.

There are four types of animals; goats, sheep, camel and cattle while their populations are estimated respectively at 13.10m 12.70m 7.0m and 5.35m heads (FAO2008) . apart from the genetic make-up factor, the productivity  of the animals is controlled mainly by the management factors including the feeding EL nino has aggravated the productivity of the natural rangeland.

Millions of live animals raw hides and skins and red meat are annually exported to the Arab markets contribution of the animal sector to the gross agricultural products (GAP) is high as 75% followed by lemon, sesame and frankincense exports of 25%.

in view of the importance of livestock to the Somali community economy SCCI appreciates to capitalize the existing on existing effort to increase the efficiency and production of the livestock sector in order to develop exports.